Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's dinner for Jennifer

Hope you are all getting cozy with that someone special.
Tonight I cook not for myself but for my wife Jennifer who is at home in the states.
I love ya darlin'.

Valentine tasting menu

Insalate roll: Proscuitto & dolce gorgonzola with baby arugala and aged balsamic vineger

Steamed artichoke with garlic & lemon aioli

Pecorino cheese with sliced pear and pepper jelly

Olive oil marinated tuna in tomato with lemon vinaigrette

Fresh made tortolini with spinach, pancetta and mushroom broda

Ameretti Virginia, Vestri hazelnut dark chocolate bark and strawberries.

Hope you enjoyed looking at your dinner as much as I enjoyed cooking and eating it.
Happy Valentine's day!


floozigrl said...

dude, i just finished eating a delicious dinner that my sweet pea made for me-but daaaaaaaaamn looking at these is making me melt for you and jenn's love. i can feel the love in there for sure :)

hearts and hugs jonathan!!!!

Anonymous said...

aw... your menu made me cry. I must be pregnant.

I love you baby.

Happy Valentines Day.

Anonymous said...

I'm not anonymous - Blogger won't let me sign in.

Your loving wife and biggest fan

blacksrock said...

Hey, that's cool! I can't wait to see what you make for her when she gets out there.

Now, when it's not valentine's day, I want a shout out meal, too! You can hold the love and just put a bunch of like in it.