Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lunch with the honeymooners

From Trattoria Mario I ran to meet up with Judy from Diva cucini who was giving the market tour to the newly weds (Rebecca and Josh of Memphis TN).
I was invited to lunch! We took them to Trattoria Gozzi to share pasta al forno, done a bit differently here:
And a killer Florentine steak! That's for the four of us by the way, really. I swear. Seared on the outside with fire, salt and pepper. Rare, very rare on the inside. Who's a happy guy?
Then took these new friends on a walk to Grom of Gelato fame for their first non touristy gelato. Rebecca very quietly consumed an Italian hot chocolate with a big dollop of fresh made whipped cream and Josh had the espresso gelato. A good day was had by all. Congrats again and have a great honeymoon in Italy.

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Eric said...

You got some hot meat in your hands. No, seriously. It's friggin' H to tha O to tha T T T!