Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feb 22nd. Last supper in Venice

It was a dark and foggy night strolling across the canals and piazzas of Venice. The owner of the hotel is sending us to a most famous seafood restaurant

La Furatola, down a tiny street off a small piazza. The fog is everywhere and you are in a different world. As you enter you hear a woman's voice singing Frank Sinatra's "One more for my baby and another one for the road" over the sound system. A good start to the evening. At our table we are greeted with glasses filled with prosecco and a waiter to discuss the menu in English. Looking around the quiet and cozy dining room , we see it half full but will fill up quickly over the next half hour. The place is warm, inviting and relaxed.

Jennifer is feeling better and we are about to begin her first and only great restaurant experience in Italy. The waiter helps us decide on a tasting menu of sorts...

The menu

Baby razor clams in light saute of parsley and wine.
This is it folks. Simplicity at its best. Venice is the home of seafood.

Scallop in shell, scampi with white polenta and a fish salad.

Fish, octopus, scampi, prawns, sepia egg and langoustines.

Olive oil poached salmon, large sepia egg, marinated sardines, sun dried tomatoes, marinated sardine with onions.

A simple pasta with cherry tomatoes & scampi. Perfection.

A palate cleanser
Lemon sorbet mixed with prosecco. They also do a version with coffee sorbet, sambucca and prosecco with espresso beans crushed in. I will be making the coffee soon.

The waiter then comes to our table after this little drink to ask what we would like to order next! We are stuffed, glowing and drowsy. The meal was superb. The service excellent and one day we shall return. A perfect way to end a chef's journey in Italy. Now all we have to do is find our way back through the fog.

That's Jen in the foreground.

We are following the man in the hat.

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floozigrl said...

WOW! ok so the foods looks divine of course, but those foggy pictures are AWESOME!!!!
see you chickens soon