Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A test of manhood...

In the midst of a week at Trattoria Mario. Asking questions & writing down recipes. Problem is I've got a nasty cold. Can't sleep or eat much nor do I want to. Everything was going along fine this morning until Romeo (chef / owner) hands me a snack of raw sausage on bread (description). Now I know this is fine to eat and actually tastes pretty good but with this cold I don't think I can do it. Can't eat bread let alone this. But the chef is offering me a taste something from his kitchen, his family, his own hand. It's one of those moments. My manhood, my cheffiness (?), possible international relations are on the line. America doesn't need another blow right about now....I do it, thank Romeo and eat it like I love it. What else was I to do? Take one for the team, that's what.

Haven't eaten much else today. Let's see what tomorrow brings. The special on wednesday is breaded beef fillets in tomato sauce. Hope I can do it. I love that dish.


DrDave said...


The universal cure for the cold:
Hot tea, lemon, honey and rum. Have a couple of these and then sleep it off. You will feel better in the AM.

Cousin Dave

shayna715 said...

How do you say I need some Matzo Ball Chicken Soup in Italian!!!
Feel Better


floozigrl said...

ugh- sadly, you're still better off being sick there then here! SUCK IT UP OLD MAN!!!