Thursday, February 7, 2008

Praise the lord!

Friends, brethren, a miracle happened ealry this morning. Raise up your hands!

Still feeling ill, I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and off to the restaurant for work. Walking down the street I looked up and there it was, my vision burning bright through the lifting fog...the Golden Cross. I experienced a miracle. Felt fine and hungry and for the first time in days. Off I went to observe, to write, to EAT! Halleluja!

(Disclaimer: The writer is Jewish and in no way means any disrespect to his fellow brethren or people of the Christian faith. No Catholics were harmed during the writing of this blog. Foods were eaten, napkins dirtied & shop keepers paid.)

After a morning watching the chefs at Trattoria Mario I headed off to shop for dinner at the market. The air was filled with a wonderful aroma. Boiled beef sandwiches dipped in au jus. Had to get me one and a glass of wine of course. Bolito carne panino to be exact.

Next I went to Beatrice's Tripe cart outside the central market for lampredotto. Say it with me now "a tripe stew made from abomasum" Trust me, it's delicious. Hearty, lots of good flavor and the best salsa verde at the market. Then off to a cafe for some espresso and Baci.

Heading back to my flat I stopped at Trattoria Marios to discuss some things and stayed for lunch at their insistence. Potato ravioli with sugo di carne followed by a small order of Peposo. Mario's version is a family secret which I cannot reveal but Diva's version is fantastic.

I'd do more but now zzzzz............


floozigrl said...

hooray dear hungry chef! that food on the bottom there looks absolutely drool enducing

DrDave said...

Okay, the food looks delicious but....

can you get decent Chinese takeout in Firenze?