Friday, February 8, 2008

Quick fire challenge: Friday night dinner

Too busy enjoying the sunshine and forgot the markets close at 2pm.
The challenge: What do make for dinner???

Grab an espresso and start thinking. Ok, back at the flat got anchovies, dried porcinis, gorgonzola, pasta, vin santo, eggs and truffle honey. Went to a supermarket and picked up Sliced proscuitto Toscano!, bread, crimini shrooms and a baby basil plant.

Results: I think Padma would have flirted with me for sure on this one. Crazy.

Pappardelle with porcini & crimini mushrooms plus anchovy garlic paste.
Proscuitto 2 ways. 1st with gorgonzola & basil. 2nd with olive oil fried egg and truffled honey.
Wine: Benanti Biancodicaselle Etna, Sicily.

Let's get a closer look at the Crostini.

Sicilian oranges with home made chocolate hazelnut salami.
Dessert made during class with Divina cucina.


Harlan said...

Chocolate Hazelnut Salami. Woah. What was the texture like? Like a candy bar, or did you find a way to give it a meaty sort of give?

Jonathan said...

hazelnut liquor and raw egg gave it the slightly meatier texture. But in a good way. Don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. It's delicious.

floozigrl said...

holy crap- speaking of padma, i walked by her today on my way to lunch. WHAT A HOTTIE!
and the crostini have my name all over them...
plus- i thought the salami was only a big thing in portugal, my auntie makes it soooo good. glad to hear you'll be making it for me when you return :)

Laura said...

I'm just finishing up the mole salami from Salumi in Seattle - I can well imagine the chocolate hazelnut version! Mmmmm.

megc said...

Wow, everything looks amazing! The crostini are particularly attractive. But everything - yum!

Eric said...

Jonathan - you have to sneak some of that Salami back. It's your moral imperative!

I bought my pigs head! Will brine it today and cook tomorrow.

Jonathan said...

Ive got the chocolate salami recipe.