Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday night dinner

Well, that's it. My wife is sick, can't really eat and have had to cancel reservations all over town. So much for some R&R in Italy. We stayed in today and I cooked up some simple fare for Jen.

Mache, tomatoes, artichoke hearts and olive oil marinated tuna.
Lemon zest with local made red wine vinegar viniagrette.

Artichoke & spinach rissoto.
No cream, just butter, stock and grated aged parmesan.

The saddest meal ever. Jen cried through the meal. Not sure if it was the illness, ruined plans or not getting to see Florence. I like to think it was because the food was soooo good.


megc said...

Awwww, sorry to hear Jen is sick. :(

Hope she feels better soon. I'm sure your food was amazing, Jonathan. It looks beautiful!

floozigrl said...

dammit! i thought for sure the italian air would make her all better :(
i'd have cried too...

can't wait for you guys to come home so i can come over and play :)

Jonathan said...

Jen is now being treated for Brochitis. On the plus side Italy rocks for affordable fast doctors and prescriptions.

Josh said...

My bowl from Just Salad now tastes even more depressing.
Feel better Jen.