Monday, February 11, 2008


Went out to Viareggio yesterday for Carnival.
Beautiful seaside town. I am told much like Venice beach, CA. but with Tuscan architecture and on the Mediterranian.

So wouldn't you know it but my camera runs out of life after a few images. Good thing I caught the important one.
From afar I saw a vision of Arabian nights, sexy harem girls with pom poms??? Yes pom poms. Lots of jumping about and writhing to disco. I work my way through to see these young voluptuous lovelies giving their best.... and it's all women 50-60+. Having a blast, been up there shaking it for at least 2 hrs so far and loving it. The crowd too judging by the looks of it.

And that's Carnival 2008. Hopefully next year my camera will work and we will be in Brazil. Crazy Italians.

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